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CFO Research: Forecasting still Blurry

Interesting stuff uncovered by the research folks at CFO magazine.

They sought to explore finance executives' views on their ability to report and analyze financial information. What do their companies do well? Which stakeholders are well- or ill-served with information and analysis tools? And what barriers do companies face when trying to improve their financial reporting and analysis capabilities?

CFO Research executed an electronic survey to readers of CFO magazine in November 2005. They gathered a total of 164 responses from senior finance executives — more than half from companies with $1 billion or more in annual revenue.

The respondents' titles breakdown:

- chief financial officer (30 percent),
- vice president or director of finance (33 percent)
- controller (16 percent)

Here are two snapshots of what they uncovered:


Looks like the intelligent economy still has a ways to go. A majority of survey respondents say their processes and systems to allow what-if scenario analysis and to give end users flexible desktop access to additional information needed improvement.

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